Arte/Grosse Vestments

Mary Regina Inc is pleased to introduce the Arte/Grosse collection of vestments. Founded in 1783 in Brugge, Belgium, Arte/Grosse brings over 200 years of tradition, experience and craftsmanship to their creations. Crafted of the finest European fabrics, often hand embroidered and designed to enhance the intrinsic beauty of your sacred space, Arte/Grosse creations seeks to inspire an appreciation of the intangibles of our visual liturgy. Complete matching sets for your sanctuary décor are available including altar scarves, lectern hangings and tapestries; please contact us with your requirements. We excel at creating unique custom vestments for your church, please call at 800-554-4045 or email: and let us help you with your unique design. In addition, we carry vestment collections from these fine companies: Slabbinck, Beau Veste, Houssard, Solivari, Chagall, Theological Threads, Stadelmaier and Harbro.
Abel Collection
Adam Collection
Anthony Collection
Benedict Collection 0317
Benedict Collection 0340
Bernini Collection 0200
Bernini Collection 0400
Canterbury Collection
Chartres Collection
Chelsea Collection
Christina Collection
Crucis Collection
Damien Collection 1183
Damien Collection 1261
Damien Collection 2215
Daniel Collection
Deerdamask Collection
Elias Collection
Fiddleback Chasuble
Gabriel Collection
Lichfield Damask Chasuble
Macarius Collection
Macarius Collection 4126/84
Marian Chasuble 0700
Marian Chasuble 7700
Marian Chasuble 8921
Milano Collection
Nazareth Collection
Pascal Collection
Philip Collection 8775
Philip Collection 9775
Reims Collection
Saxony Collection
Torino Collection
Trinity Collection
Venezia Collection