Custom Projects

We specialize in assisting churches during renovations and new construction with the finest furnishings for your sanctuary including large crucifixes, statues, art, altars and other sanctuary furniture. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in creating unique designs in all these areas.

We work with many of the finest religious Art Studios in the world. The best are from Italy including Demetz, Conrad Moroder and Pema. We work in all materials including wood, fiberglass, bronze, marble, and venetian mosaic.

We work with you to realize your vision for your sanctuary and church. Many times this can start from a sketch of the statue or crucifix, for instance if little is known about the saint or a totally unique work is desired. An existing image of a crucifix or statue can be altered in color (monotone stain or traditional colors for example), style (contemporary vs traditional) or form (different posture, dress or physical attributes).

Following are a few recent projects that highlight our custom capabilities. The custom statue and crucifix are from Demetz Art Studio in Italy hand carved in linden wood and painted in traditional oil colors.

Let us know what we can create for your Church!

Epiphany Tabernacle

This completely custom 24kt gold plated Tabernacle was created by Molina (Artistic Silver) in Madrid Spain.

Papal Crucifix Project: Size 12.5 ft

The pastor building a new church was passionate about having their crucifix be a replica of Pope John Paul II processional crucifix. This had not been done before. To the best of our knowledge this is the largest Papal Crucifix!

Using photos like this one Demetz scaled up to life size. At each major step of the process approvals were sought: at sketches, at finished carving, and the finished crucifix prior to shipping.

After being hand carved and prior to painting photos were taken for approval. The solid, round wood cross duplicates the shape of the processional crucifix; note the forward curve of the vertical post and downward sloping horizontal arm.

In order to determine the right size for Mary and John (Crucifixion Group), the crucifix is placed next to their 5 ft statues, and then these sizes are replicated in an architectural drawing to better envision the size in the sanctuary.

The finished crucifix after being hand painted and prior to shipping is hung to determine the exact balance to insure that it hangs perfectly in the church.

St Joachim Project: Size 5 ft

Not much is known about St Joachim the husband of St Ann and father of Mary. Therefore, this project started with sketches until the right balance of size, staff position, face and musculature was reached. You can see the progression from left to the final version on the right.

After being hand carved and prior to painting photos were taken for approval. Since St Joachim and St Ann and Mary will be positioned on either side of the entrance way inside the Narthex, it is important to get the sizes right in order that they look like a family.

The finished hand painted statues are shown before shipping. When positioned in the church St Joachim’s gaze will be directed down and across towards Mary... perfect.

Tabernacle Project: In 24 kt Gold & Sterling Silver

A large tabernacle was desired for the completion of a church renovation. The new church seats 1,500 with a large open sanctuary. Critical design elements were a shape to mimic the unique church architecture, custom artwork from a local artist, simple and elegant use of high polish gold and sterling silver to complement the sanctuary, and an extra large door to accommodate 2 very large ciborium’s. Artistic Silver from Madrid, Spain was chosen to hand craft this complex tabernacle.

A hexagonal shape was selected from a “standard” Artistic Silver tabernacle, and then we progressed through various cross designs before settling on the Lamb of God for the front. The roof line was completely customized with hand wrought ridges and angled cornices on all sides to better reflect the church architecture.

The local artist created striking sketches of grapes and a wheat motif that will wrap around the 2 side panels, and the Lamb of God for the front. The Lamb was made slightly happier in the final version.

These sketches were then incorporated into a complete drawing and then a computer generated image of the final tabernacle for approval.

The finished tabernacle (31”L x 20”W x 27”H) resting on its marble pedestal to the right of the altar is a focal point of the sanctuary. The inside is finished in high polished 24kt gold. The key hole and hinge for the front door (whole front panel) are well hidden. The light from the stain glass windows and spotlights plays off the polished gold creating beautiful images around the sanctuary.