These Corpus' and Crucifixes are hand carved from linden wood in Italy and painted in traditional oil colors. Other finishes are possible such as natural wood, and in other materials including fiberglass, bronze metal and Carrara marble. Typical sizes range from 3 foot to 8 foot corpus. We work with Art Studios from around the world, including the studios of Demetz, Conrad Moroder and Pema in Italy. We specialize in creating custom designs. Please call us toll free at 800-554-4045 or email:, and let us assist you in fulfilling your unique requirement.

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Corpus 217

Crucifix 217

Crucifix 300-12

Siena Corpus Traditional Color

Siena Corpus Natural Wood

Siena Crucifix

Leonardo Corpus

Corpus Agonizing 297

Papal Crucifix

Cristo del Tacco

Limpias Crucifix