Chalices & Metal Ware

The following items are examples of the large selection of Chalices, Ciboria, Ciboriums, Communion Cups, Common Cups and Metal Ware from suppliers such as Alviti Creations, Artistic Silver (Molina) from Spain, Koleys, Veritas Polska from Poland and more! Please us know how we can assist you in fulfilling your unique requirement.

Life of Christ Chalice
Chalice & 61/4" scale paten with ring

Exquisite design meets the highest quality standards on this chalice. Cut-out "a jour" outer cup, node and lower collar and the finest engraving on the base showing six images of the life of Christ (Annunciation, Birth, Trip to Egypt, Baptism, Crucifixion and Resurrection), with the reliefs finished in silver plate to contrast with the gold plated backgrounds. Height: 8 1/2" Cup 0: 3 3/8" Capacity: 12 oz. Inner Cup Sterling All sterling silver

5061 Ciboria
9" Ht. 4 7/8" Cup. Dia
270 Hosts
Brass Gold Plated

strong> 5062
Open ciboria
4 1/8" Ht.
5 7/8" Cup.
Dia 350 Hosts
Brass Gold Plated

Chalice & Scale paten

Rich Gothic ornamentation, with medallions featuring the Sacred Heart, St. Mary and St. Joseph with Baby Jesus 8" Ht. 4 1/4" Cup. Dia 12 Oz Brass Gold Plated $ 1,525 Inner Cup Sterling Silver, Gold Plated
Chalice A-103G
Chalice A-105S
Chalice A-156G
Chalice A-2500G
Chalice A-314G
Chalice A-4136G
Chalice A-5008S
Communion Bowl 7900G
Open Ciborium 391G
Stacking Ciborium
Chalice K460
Ciborium K461
Chalice K641
Chalice K919
Chalice K921
Chalice K922
Ciborium Large Lid K824
Ciborium Large Open
Ciborium Varied Sizes K400
Knights of Columbus Chalice K75-KC