The following items are examples of the large selection of Candles from suppliers such as Cathedral Candle company and more!
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Altar Candles

We carry a complete range of sizes for altar candles made from 51% beeswax, most popular in the Catholic Church, to 100% beeswax, and stearine candles. All diameters and heights with different ends to fit all types of candlesticks. We can do custom sizes!


Sanctuary Lights

Manufactured in glass using only the finest select refined waxes and up to 51% beeswax for a clean and dependable 14-day or 8-day burning performance.


Devotional Candles

A variety of devotional candles to meet all of your needs.

Votive Candles

Votive Candles range from standard votive candles in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 24 hour burn time to plastic encased EZ Lites in 2 and 4 hour sizes for easy replacement in votive glass (no scraping out of old wax) and eliminates most glass breakage. All of these candles are placed in glass votive available in all colors and sizes.

InsertaLite Candles

Combining clear plastic candle refills with the insulation of reusable glass globes provides an economical alternative to traditional glass offering candles. Available in 3, 5, 6, and 7 day burn times. Reusable glass globes are available in all colors and all sizes.

Sacramental & Specialty

Sacramental & Specialty Candles

Many different designs for all of the Sacraments


Advent Candles

All sizes and colors of Advent Candles and Christ Candles are available including custom sizes. Beautiful ArtisanWax Advent Candles in 51% beeswax for a distinctive style.


Paschal Candles

Large selection of Paschal candles from hand-crafted Eximious to the classic collection of Sculptwax all in 51% beeswax. All Paschals are available in custom sizes and with matching altar candles.