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Hand Carved Wood Statues

We specialize in assisting Catholic Churches during renovations and new construction with life size hand carved wood crucifixes, statues, and altars.  While there are standard sizes, any size is possible.

Each work starts with a solid block of linden wood that the artist hand carves into, for example, the Patron Saint, Crucifix, or Stations of the Cross.  Every work is hand painted by artists using the finest oil colors creating a unique piece of art.

We work with you to realize your vision for your sanctuary and church.  Many times this can start from a sketch of the statue or crucifix, for instance if little is known about the Catholic Saint or if a completely unique work is desired.  An existing image of a crucifix or statue can be altered in color (for example in a monotone stain or in traditional colors), style (contemporary vs traditional) or form (different posture, dress or […]

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